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DLB clients.

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Audio recording, video, and photo's 2012 to present.

Audio, video, photo's, and product consultant. 2008 to present.

Video,audio,testing,and product consulting. 2008 to present.

Video, audio recording, photo's, product consulting. 2008 to present.

Audio demo, photo's, product consulting. 2008 to present.

Good Morning Pops voice recording 2014 to present

Tony An - Ex H.O.T #1 Single in Korea June 2007 - Guitarist / Sideman 2007-09

EVAN - Guitarist / Sideman 2007-08

Fly to The Sky - Brian Joo - KBS and SBS music broadcasts 2003

Lisa - KPOP- KBS,MBC,and SBS broadcasts.2003. NEW video 2006.

Sung Shi Kyung - Concerts, MBC, SBS, KBS, Broadcasts. 2003-04.

BOA - Session guitartist."My Sweetie"KBS,MBC,SBS 2002-03.

RICH - Chamsil Stadium,Show King,MBC,KBS,SBS,EBS.2002-03.

People Crew - Session Guitarist IVY Music 2002.

Ricky Martin - KBS LIVE concert. 2002.

Ju Ju Club - KBS Music Tank 2002.

Danny Jung - The Thailand tour for Sony records. 2001.

Monk Munch Records - 1999 LRD Band CD.